ShippersEdge TMS has just right functionality to deliver exceptional return on investment by streamlining your processes

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Learn About How ShippersEdge’s Transportation Management Software Can Help Your Business

ShippersEdge is a mid-tier transportation management system

ShippersEdge is a mid-tier transportation management system that confines its technology to the US and Canadian domestic markets with some basic functionality in parcel and international shipping. This lighter discipline means you don’t pay for functionality you don’t need and won’t use. Mid-Tier is not lightweight when it does what you ask of it and what you need from it. Mid-Tier is highly capable and covers everything 90% of businesses need.

Maybe you just walked in to a new job and see that using old technology to manage your transportation is not cutting it. Maybe you’ve been there a while and know that freight as a percentage of sales is headed in the wrong direction. Whatever the reason, you’re in the market of a TMS, ShippersEdge can take you as far as you need to go at a cost that will please even the stingiest CFO.

Legacy transportation management systems are bloated

Large resource hogging and expensive legacy transportation management systems are bloated and are becoming obsolete. If your needs do not require the management of last mile delivery in the Amazon or raw materials from Zaire, why are you looking at a system that does that? Even though they won’t tell you, you’re going to be paying, at least partially, for that capability in some manner. The real benefit in transportation management systems is in their ease of use and dedication to only the functionality you require.

You’ve made the decision to invest in upgraded technology to manage your transportation. What comes next is the mind-numbing search and comparison of the various offerings. We’ve made it easy by creating a checklist of various features and functionality. You probably know some of the ways a TMS reduces costs in actual freight spend but what about soft costs.

Management is freed up to discover new ways to save money.

Soft costs are administrative and managerial time and also less considered is that by freeing up managerial time and providing analytics, management is freed up to discover new ways to save money.

If your company has branch locations or warehouses ShippersEdge logistics management software is the ideal logistics platform for your company. It’s ease of use makes it easily adoptable, while powerful features such as privilege control and routing rules can be applied company wide, or to specific locations. You can even monitor activity at each location and step in at any time to help them on shipments.

ShippersEdge is a fully managed TMS

ShippersEdge is unique in that it is available as a fully managed SaaS platform. This means you do not have to hire a super user to manage the system. ShippersEdge’s help desk can assist you and your staff to use the system and maintain the system for maximum effectiveness.

If you need to upload a rate file and can’t remember how it’s done, we can upload it for you or teach you again how to do it. You need a specific report and can’t seem to be able to get it out of the report generator, we’ll prepare that report and show you how we did it. That’s the power of a fully managed system.

ShippersEdge TMS has just right functionality to deliver exceptional return on investment by streamlining your processes:

  • Real Time

    Giving you real-time visibility and helping you make better decisions.

  • Decisions

    Better decisions come from presenting options.

  • Easy Access

    Better decisions from having easy access to past data for analysis.

  • Shipping Status

    Better decisions from visibility into real-time status of your shipping

  • Manage

    Allowing you to manage, by exception, trouble in your network.

  • Problem Solving

    Now you’ll know about a problem before some other department tells you about it.

Shipment processing system and a data warehouse

Starting with the basics, a transportation management system is a shipment processing system and a data warehouse. Ultimately you take orders in, execute and optimize your transportation schema and update other internal systems and ultimately export out finished data including audited freight invoices. It should provide a document repository to efficiently store and retrieve important shipment data. Along the way, you make decisions, manage potential problems and inform constituents affected by actual problems. ShippersEdge can help you do that in most cases, automatically, and give you analytics to use to further refine and improve your transportation scheme.

ShippersEdge Enterprise TMS integrates with your ERP, WMS, EDI or Order management system. We’ve integrated with legacy AS 400 ERPs right up to the latest versions of all the popular Enterprise Resource Planning software [see list of most popular ERP integrations]. We sometimes provide data to constituents that isn’t easy or cost effective to get out of ERP software. We do all that with minimal intrusion upon precious IT resources because we’ve had to and we do it all the time.

Anything that makes a given location unique can be stored in our address book

ShippersEdge has a detailed address book to store location specific information. An example would be directions to a quarry or business hours. Other examples would be this location requires a lift-gate or appointment delivery is required. Just about anything that makes a given location unique can be stored in our address book. Business rules can then be applied to include accessorial charges or notations on the bill of lading. [screenshots?]

Similar to the address book, our items manager can store product specific information. It could be that a specific product needs temperature control in extremely hot conditions. ShippersEdge carrier selection would then present for tendering carriers that offer refrigerated service or if using the spot market request a refrigerated truck. Likewise, the bill of lading would also show temperature requirements. The items manger can also be used to calculate weight and cube for rating purposes. [screenshots?]

Manage your carrier base effectively

ShippersEdge carrier manager has all the tools to manage your carrier base effectively. You can use it to store and manage your carrier contracts, monitor carrier’s insurance if you desire and upload table rates if needed. You can also set tracking email intervals if the carrier cannot connect electronically. The carrier manager meets all requirements for ISO certification. [screenshots?]

ShippersEdge supports business rule defined tendering. Some businesses may say that cost is the only selection criteria while still others might say transit time or analytically derived on-time performance criteria. You can also use business defined rules and execute sequential tendering sometimes referred to as waterfall tendering.

Possibilities endless as our clients see a need

Software integrations also vary in scope and purpose. Sometimes they are required for ASN or advance shipping notification or into popular contact management or customer resource management software. We’ve also done custom work such as handling unit (racks, intermediate bulk containers, other specialty units) for handling unit management and condition tracking. Further possibilities endless as our clients see a need and we work with them to design a solution.

Our E-Commerce suite can place freight charges right into your website, whether you markup freight charges or not. Most companies can get parcel rates onto their website but what if you need LTL or truckload rates appended to your online ordering routine? ShippersEdge can provide that for you. We make it easy so business is not so hard.

Interdepartmental collaboration

Interdepartmental collaboration just got a whole lot easier. Sales needs to know where a customer’s order is while on an iPad at the customer’s site? Easy with our mobile enabled scaled sales interface, no app needed. ShippersEdge is so easy to use, your sales department can source their own freight quotes either in their native state or marked up. Customer service can also get in on the benefits of ShippersEdge. Accounting gets accurate freight accruals, and collections gets access to POD and other shipping documents. All user profiles can be limited in their functionality to suit their responsibilities and transportation skill level.

Information sharing does not stop at the office walls, information sharing can be offered to your customers in the form of advance shipment notifications (ASN) and tracking links imbedded in the ASN or independently. Customer satisfaction increases when you give them visibility into their order.

Import and export

ShippersEdge supports customs requirement for import and export. You can use it to prepare commercial invoices, NAFTA documentation, container numbers and seal numbers. ShippersEdge also supports other unique forms and screen layouts. ShippersEdge is highly customizable to suit the needs of your company. If you need a process developed or fields added, we can do that. ShippersEdge also makes it easy to adopt industry best practices.

ShippersEdge solves the cost vs. functionality dilemma by providing a cost effective, yet powerful application. Ten years ago, a system like ShippersEdge was unaffordable to all but the biggest companies. Today getting a TMS in your budget is easier and more affordable than ever.

Retail Delivery Management

Late deliveries, missed appointments sometimes its mother nature sometimes it’s the carrier, sometimes its you. ShippersEdge can be configured to tell you when to ship to meet a delivery window. We offer advanced transit logging to prove delivery dates. We can track carrier on-time performance to specific customers and use predictive logic to prevent missing your window. We can track full truckloads and issue alerts for all transit problems. Was is a blizzard in Buffalo or a windstorm in Wyoming? See this link for more information: https://www.shippersedgetms.com/blog/use-technology-to-mitigate-chargebacks

Advanced functionalities

Here is a partial list of advanced functionalities provided by ShippersEdge. Custom functionality can be developed for individual needs.

Shipment data importFTP Flat file OBDC APICombination if needed
Shipment TrackingAPI EDI Email PortalIndependent tracking if required
Cost Change AlertAPI EDI Email PortalAlerts on anticipated cost change
Shipment Delay AlertScreen or Email Alerts can be customized
Weight Change AlertScreen or Email Real time to allow for challenge
Weight Variance ReportReportAllows for monitoring carrier practices
Customer Tracking EmailEmail GeneratorWe can provide email with tracking links
Billing ErrorScreenAlert if invoice does not match approved
Approved Invoice ExportFTP Flat file OBDC APIExports only approved freight invoices
Sequential RoutingBusiness RulesBased on business rules
Spot Quote Retrieval Usually System EmailStores and organizes spot quotes
Non-Standard RatingUsually in rate tablesAllows for per ft, pallet and other rating
Base OptimizationLogicSequences stops in lowest mileage route
Enhanced OptimizationLogic & ScreenAllows for building multi-stop loads
Dock Scheduler ManagementUser or Provider can Schedule AppointmentsUse for dock scheduling
Handling Unit InventoryAppApp for managing special handling units
Document StorageVariousPaperless capability easy retrieval
Penalty AlertsLogicWarns if shipment subject to penalty rate
Incoming Shipment ViewAPI or EDIFinds and tracks incoming shipments
Reconcile POsLogic EDI API OtherMatches freight transactions to POs
Email ConnectivityEmail GeneratorConnects with unsophisticated providers
Cell Phone TrackingNew Affordable OptionsUses Logic to Highlight Problems
Carrier PortalCustom to your SpecificationsBest for Regular Providers
Supplier PortalProvides Visibility and ComplianceFor Heavy Inbound Shipping Applications
Parcel ManagementEnsures Proper Modal SelectionAll Tracking and Costing in One Place
Retail Delivery ManagementEnhanced logic and loggingReduce chargebacks for late deliveries/appointments