ShippersEdge offers compact shipping software as a standalone version of its award winning TMS

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Compact shipping software

ShippersEdge offers compact shipping software as a standalone version of its award winning TMS. The basic functionality includes LTL and truckload management for inbound, outbound and drop shipping. The feature set is rich and well thought out. Our shipping software is meant for small businesses that do not require integration with their existing software.

Some of the advance features include customer tracking links you can send to your customers and advanced EDI and API integration with motor carriers that offer it. ShippersEdge retrieves your LTL rates directly from your motor carrier web server or by uploaded table rates. We are one of the few shipping software providers that allow for rate table rating.

Upload header information of shipment files

ShippersEdge shipping software allows for uploading of header information of shipment files. This makes shipment entry a snap and makes accuracy assured. We have a powerful items manager to help you enter your line items accurately. You can also enter and edit shipments manually. A replicate feature allows you to clone repetitive loads for even faster data entry.

ShippersEdge has advanced reporting to extract information in a manner you can use to improve your shipping practices and provide information to your team. Our famous report generator is easy an intuitive and outputs to a familiar Excel spreadsheet. Simply select the data through a powerful query tool and select the fields you wish to export. Now click a button and your report is ready. You can save searches and field selection to templates for repetitive reports.

Our shipping software also includes our world class freight bill auditing sequence which puts you firmly in control of your freight payables. Our auditing routing includes a freight accrual report so accounting has accurate accruals for month end closing. Use our freight payment routing to create vouchers for your payables department to keep data entry easy and accurate.

Notification of freight cost changes

Real-time notification of freight cost changes is available. If your shipment is reweighed and the cost changes, you’ll know it almost instantaneously. This alerting through our operations console allows you to take remedial and possibly prevent an increase in cost by having the weight rechecked. No other shipping software offers this important feature.

Tracking and tracing is available in our operations console. Shipment delays are flagged for you in a special tab. Use this information to notify your customer or on inbound so your production or fulfillment department knows if a shipment is delayed. The feature is available for LTL and Truckload providers. If your truckload vendor does not have web services or EDI, we offer a tracking email routing for them to keep you updated.

Spot quote management

Spot quote management is also available in our shipping software. Stop using email and spreadsheets which are time consuming and can lead to errors. ShippersEdge will generate an email to your spot market providers and record their quotes in system for easy retrieval.