Enterprise Level Performance

ShippersEdge is a hosted, enterprise level Transportation Management System.

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Enterprise Level Performance

ShippersEdge is a Mid-Tier Integrated and highly customizable Transportation Management System. We offer 100% of the functionality that most businesses need. It is a hosted and managed system with 99.9% uptime and rapid response to changes or new functionality.

As a managed system that means that while we will teach you to perform administrative functions but on some rarely needed changes simply call or write our help desk and we’ll do them for you. You will not need a Super User or your own IT department to have deep knowledge of the system. In fact, your IT staff will rarely, after initial setup even need to be involved.

As a hosted system, there is no server to install and maintain. There are no additional software licenses required and upgrades are delivered as we develop them.

ShippersEdge allows you to choose and pay for only the functionality you need, add additional functionality at any time. Never pay for functionality you’ll never use. ShippersEdge solves the cost vs. Functionality dilemma by creating highly affordable logistics software you won’t outgrow.

Customize or use out of the box. ShippersEdge was built with flexibility in mind. Your business is unique, we make it easy to embrace your uniqueness by giving you the flexibility to modify user interfaces, add fields and functions that address your unique needs at surprisingly affordable prices. Dream away, we’re ready.

Available integration for any of your internal software platforms is a time-saving miracle of modern technology. Integrations save time, ensure accuracy and allow your entire company to enjoy the increased efficiencies of a fully developed transportation software solution. Connectivity to outside data inputs or outputs, like tracking systems, appointment scheduling systems or advanced optimizing software is also available.