There are many benefits to using ShippersEdge software for ECommerce businesses.

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Ecommerce is easier than ever before

Ecommerce can benefit from a TMS in a variety of ways. Once it was hard to populate shipping costs on large items not suitable for shipping parcel. ShippersEdge uses advanced technology to enable estimated shipping charges on any item or combination of items. You can choose to markup shipping charges or not.

If you use third party fulfillment centers to ship your orders, ShippersEdge can provide the routing detail to your providers complete with bills of lading if desired. ShippersEdge can also verify your chosen transportation provider has the shipment and communicate that information to you, including tracking links to you or your customer.

ShippersEdge will track your shipments and inform you of any problems in transit in real time. Keep your CSRs in the know so you’re not the last one to know. Work proactively to prevent delivery problems and provide customer satisfaction. ShippersEdge will also monitor the freight costs and alert you to any changes.

ShippersEdge is one of the few TMS platforms and certainly the most affordable TMS to allow for specialized forms of rating not available to be retrieved from smaller carrier servers. If you use smaller white glove last mile delivery options, we can handle the complex rating problems posed by highly specialized delivery providers.

Returns can be problematic, with ShippersEdge, handling returns was never easier. Now you can assign a carrier, create a bill of lading and schedule a pickup all with the touch of a button. Returns can even be managed through your customer service because ShippersEdge is so easy to use. Returns are never fun but with ShippersEdge you’ll lessen the pain.