When to source a volume rates on LTL shipments

Volume rates on LTL shipments are available through several sources. They are available directly through trucking companies, through brokers and do-it-yourself (more on that later).

The key is to set a threshold using mileage and gross dollars to set a trigger for your using your TMS to start making you money. One threshold might be when an LTL shipment exceeds $1.00 per mile. Assuming you are in a position to wait for a quote and possibly a day or so for a pickup (in the case of using a broker) you could see big savings.

Volume rates sometimes are referred to as “header rates” because they are often placed in the nose of the trailer. ShippersEdge TMS is freight planning software. Good shipping management systems will alert you to the possibility you should be looking for a volume rate, great logistics software will do it for you.

It’s all about the business rules. You make the rules so you decide. More information at www.shippersedge.com/info