Visibility in Freight Management

“That which is monitored improves” a story was told to me long ago by a shipping dock supervisor about a study done by a big trucking firm which started to monitor it cross-dock pounds per man hour. This were folks with clipboards taking notes and they wanted to try something. So, they increased the lighting at the large facility and the pounds per man hour increased. Then they turned the lights back down and pounds per man hour increased again. They did the same with ventilation and so forth.

“That which is monitored improves” is the way it was explained to me so many years ago. If you want to improve your carrier selection, lower your freight costs, use ShippersEdge and you’ll get the visibility, the accountability and the means to monitor your freight costs and use lowest cost providers. Spreadsheets and sticky notes might have worked in 1985, they’re costing time and money today.

Transportation Management Software provides the visibility to the freight management processes and with visibility comes the ability to monitor. Visibility in freight management can provide you the tools to make better and more informed decisions.

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