Tracking Information to my Customers

ShippersEdge has two ways of providing tracking information to my customers

Integrated tracking information with your Website. ShippersEdge can provide information to your web pages that will populate a secure tracking page so customers know where their shipments are. Similar to what you see on Amazon under “your orders”. If you want your clients to do self-serve tracking, this is but one way we can assist you. ShippersEdge knows how much of a time-saver allowing customers to do their own tracking is. In addition, it will let your clients know, your technology is up-to-date and on par with the most technologically advanced companies.

Tracking sent by email, similar to notifications you get in many online retail platforms is yet another way ShippersEdge keeps your customers happy. ShippersEdge is retrieving updated tracking information and appending it to your orders within our shipping software. We can also provide an email, with a link directly to the tracking page at your chosen carrier. Your customer simply click the link within the email to directly get the latest location information from the carrier.

ShippersEdge tracks truckloads too

ShippersEdge can retrieve any information available through EDI or a tracking link with your truckload providers and either display it on your website or via tracking email. We go further than that, if your truckload provider does not allow or have electronic information exchange, we can use an email information gathering routine to mimic an electronic exchange. Your (non-technologically advanced) provider simply clicks the link in an email asking for updated status information. ShippersEdge gathers the information and places it in the TMS and also will display it to your customer via web or email.

ShippersEdge is innovative, affordable and capable. By automating routine tasks, we help you save time and money, while simultaneously help you reflect a more modern image and capability.

ShippersEdge has both integrated and standalone logistics software available.

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