TMS with tracking links for customers

ShippersEdge TMS is the first affordable TMS with tracking links for customers. ShippersEdge is electronically receiving tracking information from transportation companies with server capability to do so. ShippersEdge can also provide a solution when you are using technologically unsophisticated transportation providers through either a cell phone tracking system or plain old email requests to your truckers and brokers.

This tracking can be presented to your customers through an email or through your website. Letting your customers know where their shipment is, is good business. Unburdening staff from tracking and tracing shipments is smart business. Your time is money save both with an affordable logistics management system.

ShippersEdge can also provide a portal for your customer service representatives so they can answer questions quickly. We provide capability for your sales staff to be able to quote freight costs even while on the go. Your logistics department will see the benefits and process streamlining every single day. Your bottom line will see the benefits every single month.

ShippersEdge was the first web based transportation management system in 2002. Now ShippersEdge is SaaS logistics management software that gives shippers of every size the power of TMS software once only affordable by Fortune 500 companies. Every so often a revolution in software makes TMS functionality suddenly very affordable.

Surprising capabilities, ease of use and an intuitive user interface. ShippersEdge is more than just shipping software. Now within reach of every budget and suitable also for large organizations who are tired of paying high five figure fees every month. Cut your transportation spend and join the growing number of businesses that enjoy the benefits of an organized approach to freight transportation and the luxury of better processes and visibility.

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ShippersEdge an affordable TMS