TMS Software Saves Time

ShippersEdge TMS Software saves time.

It is accepted that technology is driving industry to new levels of efficiency. The days of managing shipments, without shipping software are headed for the trash bins of history. Since the Internet now makes access to shared resources available to companies large and small gaining access to a cloud based TMS is inexpensive and easy.

ShippersEdge TMS software has many ways to say time, here are some examples:

Freight rating engines give you the ability to check all of your provider’s rates, in one place with one login. In ShippersEdge TMS, we can handle the simple and complex rating scenarios. Pallet rates as an example are generally not available using Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] or Application Programming Interface [API] connections to carrier’s servers. ShippersEdge can use rate tables for this purpose and compare those sheet rates with your regular discounted rates.

On truckload spot market rates, ShippersEdge has an ingenious method of gathering and then letting you compare quotes from your providers and will simultaneously compare any table or contract rates you have. Additionally, all of these rates are stored in the system for later analysis or auditing.

Tendering, be it LTL or Truckload can be done electronically through the use of EDI, API or email generated within our system. These tenders are monitored for acceptance* and you are notified if any tender is declined. Our Enterprise Edition can execute Waterfall tendering also known as sequential tenders using business rules specific to your company. *Monitoring tenders is important so you don’t have missed pickups or clog up your shipping facility.

Receiver tracking notification, this is a wow feature in ShippersEdge. If selected, upon shipment your customers can receive an email with a tracking link similar to what you get when you buy on Amazon. ShippersEdge retrieves tracking information daily from your providers so your customers always have the latest information. This will save phone calls or emails from you or your customer service reps.

Rate quote generator. If requested, we can create *profiles for your customer service or sales department to provide rate quotes with or without markup. The time savings here is enormous. No more answering rate questions and transit time questions. The information is now a click away thanks to ShippersEdge’s powerful rating engine.

*Special profiles. ShippersEdge can create profiles of a special user interface to create specific views for your employees or constituents. By limiting the data, a specific user can view you limit error and streamline that users experience. No doubt you probably don’t want customer service to hit a button and tender a shipment by mistake when all they wanted was a rate quote.

Advanced reporting. Getting your hands on analytical data is easy with our report generator. Simply select the search criteria and which fields to export, it’s that easy.

Freight accruals. ShippersEdge through its auditing function, can provide accurate freight accruals for your accounting department. It’s so simple, accounting can do it themselves.

Freight bill auditing. Since ShippersEdge stores your freight quotes, it can easily compare actual billed charges to the quoted freight charges. In fact, ShippersEdge is constantly monitoring your shipments and will know almost in real-time if a freight charges changes. This gives you an opportunity to investigate the change before its billed and pre approve it to streamline your auditing process.

Paperless billing. ShippersEdge can retrieve freight invoices and other documentation from your providers whether they have EDI or API connectivity or not. We offer the ability for your providers that are not electronically advanced to simply upload images and key in charges to make your company paperless. Join the green revolution and go paperless. Anyone with the proper credentials can log in and retrieve any document using a number of search criteria including your control number.

Address book. ShippersEdge has a rich address book to keep track of shipping and receiving locations and their specific needs and contact information. For instance, if you enter an order to a facility that requires a Liftgate, that information can be stored and then populated into the service request and rate quote. That is just one example but the capability beats either making a mistake or having to manually consult spreadsheets.

Carrier manager. Our sophisticated carrier manager allows you to keep track of things like insurance, contracts if you have them and all level of contact of carrier specific information. We can interface to common carrier monitoring applications. This is also where, in the case of table rates, we store the rate information. We will even notify you if a contract is expiring.

Well organized desktop. ShippersEdge took time to build its user interface. A user interface can make or break a system. Our clients tell us everything is laid our intuitively and “makes sense” this makes training easy and speeds workflow.

Customization is available. In our Enterprise Edition, we can create custom features specifically for your company. The possibilities are endless. A for instance could be inventory management for shipment handling units, such as pallets or carts.

What is your time worth; what is your people’s time worth? Let’s face it, freight is a specialty and talent is hard to find. We tend to devalue something we find easy to do. We only find it easy to do because we have developed a skill-set appropriate to the task. Interview 100 people on the street about how to ship three pallets of parts to Toronto and only a handful will even know what a pallet is.

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