TMS Overkill

There are some really expensive Transportation Management Systems that have been on the market for years. Some have been snapped up by hedge funds, venture capitalists and giant conglomerates. What happens next is development slows down and prices go up. Why? It is the only way to cash flow the investment. Is the TMS you’re reviewing or using part of this scenario?

When the first Shipping Management Software appeared on the market, it was made for the biggest of the big companies. Hundreds of thousands or maybe more than a million lines of code, teams of developers funded by extremely large organizations. Man-years (old school term) of development for what we now know is the easiest of tasks. Frankly most are a “horse by committee”.

ShippersEdge is different. It was built by people who spent years in transportation. It’s built on fresh technology, shrinking lines of code and making our product extremely nimble and customizable without sticker shock. The key differentiator is we’ve moved freight, we know the tricks and traps because we’ve done it.

If you want a TMS with a reasonable price, providing value without the overkill and bloated mythology of the well-known oversized legacy systems, right size your budget and talk to ShippersEdge.


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