Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility

When companies source a Transportation Management System (TMS) some think of it as a way to save money on their shipping by comparing rates or orders and selecting a low-cost carrier. There is another important use of a TMS and that is Supply Chain visibility. Obviously your customers want to know where their shipment is but you also want to know where your incoming shipments are as well.

What about shipments routed by my vendors

Even on vendor routed purchases, a TMS can provide end-to-end visibility into the location of your incoming materials giving you peace of mind that your supply chain is flowing smoothly. ShippersEdge can connect to your freight forwarder to lend Supply Chain visibility on your international shipping.

ShippersEdge is a highly affordable

Supply chain software used to be very expensive with legacy systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to install and monthly contracts in the high five figures. ShippersEdge is a highly affordable Transportation Management System. We serve small and midsized businesses along with very large customers. We bring modern day technology to streamline shipping processes.

Other features

Compare less-than-truckload (LTL) rates

Compare Truckload Rates

Compare Sport Market Rates

Optimized consolidations

Electronic shipment tendering

Track your shipping

Allow customers to track their shipments

Provide accurate freight charges to accounting

Allow sales department to obtain their own freight quotes

Match freight invoices to sales and purchase orders

Provides for optimization of shipment consolidations

Dynamic reporting and custom reporting

Provides variance reports

Very fast return on investment (ROI)

A hosted TMS solution

ShippersEdge is a hosted TMS that since 2002 has been providing web browser based transportation management software. We offer standalone systems up to fully integrated and custom configurations. We’ll talk to any mode of shipping domestically and internationally. Talk to ShippersEdge 952-777-4421 or read more about ShippersEdge