Solve shipping problems

Solve Shipping Problems and actual inquiry from a customer.

Here’s a client wanting to solve shipping problems

We sell hospitality XXXXXXX and currently we ship anywhere from 100-300 LTL/truckload shipments per month.

We are always trying to get the best price from carriers, so our shipping manager is getting quotes directly online for each shipment, and he is spending a lot of wasted hours doing this. Once he has got 2-3 quotes from different carriers, he books the best option online.

What we ultimately want to achieve is get all the quotes from our top carriers in one place, and eliminate entering data multiple times for one order. Find the lowest freight rate easily using a TMS.

We would like to be able to see all of our shipments also and the tracking information that goes along with it.

ShippersEdge, now provides the tools to solve shipping problems, no sweat. For more information