Shipping Software for Small Business

Shipping Software for Small Business

ShippersEdge has a product specifically designed as affordable Shipping Management for small business. Our Professional Edition includes features normally found in sophisticated Transportation Management Systems meant for large shippers yet is attractively priced at only $199.00 per month.

Here are the features in our Professional Edition:

Multi-Carrier rating system to present all of your available carrier freight rates

Bill of lading creation

Label creation

Address book

Freight Rates directly from carrier servers

Electronic tendering to send a pickup advice to carriers

Automated tracking of all of your shipments

Freight cost change notification if carrier’s actual charges vary from their estimate

Unlimited users

Unlimited locations

Here are additional features not found in competing products:

Ability to upload rate tables for carriers who do not have server integration (very small carriers)

Automatic email shipment notification to your customers with tracking link

Ability to handle custom rate tables, pallet rates and other specialty rates

Ability to provide connectivity and rating for small carriers

Ability to rate truckload shipments

Ability to source spot market bids on truckload shipments

Ability to source spot market bids for partial (volume) LTL shipments

Ability to track both truckload and large spot market LTL Shipments

Powerful reporting capabilities

Ability to upload shipment information

Variance reporting if low cost provider not used

Reason codes for not using low cost provider

Multiple profiles available to limit data set presented to various users

Ability to send routing instructions to vendors complete with bill of lading and labels

More than just a basic address book with detailed destination information

Automated report generation and distribution via email

Electronic document storage

Detailed carrier manager

Seamlessly upgrade to Enterprise Edition with integration, full or partial and customization

ShippersEdge is the Shipping Software for Small Business