Shipping Software

Shipping Software

ShippersEdge Shipping Software, puts you in control and eliminates hours of wasted time. Gone are the days of individually logging in to each of your LTL carrier’s websites, entering the shipping data and then cutting and pasting those numbers into a spreadsheet. ShippersEdge shipping software, will get you all of your rates in less time than it took to read this.

Our shipping software is more than multi carrier rating software, it electronically retrieves actual costs if the carrier reweighs, or reclassifies your shipment. More than that it alerts you when a shipment delivery date is going to go past the expected delivery date. The powerful LTL rate comparison engine is the heart of the system. You can print your bills of lading and label. It even prints loading instructions for multi shipment consolidated truckloads.

When the freight bill comes in, you can use ShippersEdge freight bill auditing software to compare the estimated cost against the charges invoiced. We store all rate quotes for your convenience and to use when calling a carrier about a rate change.

ShippersEdge works for you to compare truckload shipping prices either direct from your carriers or even a third-party provider. ShippersEdge can track truckload shipping so you don’t have to.

There’s more in ShippersEdge than you would expect from an affordable transportation management system. Call 952-777-4421 and see what power is in store for you.