ShippersEdge Development Meeting

At least once a week at ShippersEdge is an all staff meeting to discuss product development and customer specific customization. The first portion of the meeting is to review the past week’s accomplishments and challenges. ShippersEdge Enterprise Edition TMS is a highly customizable logistics management system. Our customers are unique and have client specific requirements suitable to their business models.

At ShippersEdge, we believe our clients should have what they want. The second portion of the meeting is new client requests for customization and with everyone in attendance these requests are discussed and addresses. With the help of our clients, prioritization is addressed as well as the possible need for further client discussion to crystalize the scoping of the project. Resources are then allocated and deadlines set.

The fun part in the marketing section of the meeting is new product development. Here is where we plan for the future to add features some clients don’t even know they need yet. By marketing attending the product development and customization requests, commonality of customization requests is assimilated and addressed as possible system-wide implementation to offer even more features to the universe of all of our clients.

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