Selecting a TMS should not be hard

Why selecting a TMS should not be hard

Selecting a TMS should not be hard like it was in the old days. The prices have come way down and the capabilities have increased thanks to modern programming practices and cloud based applications. Integration, once very expensive has come down. What makes selecting a TMS hard is the number of systems on the market and the fear of making a mistake.

Making a mistake is a relative problem as in relative to what? The return on investment in today’s TMS environment is so quick because you don’t buy them, you rent them. In the case where you want customization or integration, you can do it in stages once you’re comfortable in your selection. The setup investment is relatively minor and will likely pay back in a week or two.

Time spent by the end user in evaluating and then communicating the minimal information needed to get your TMS up and operational in almost every case will be returned on a daily basis in the form of time saving. Yes, you may spend a few hours but you get them back every day see this article, how a TMS saves time.  

Many people choose not to integrate right away but some want integration immediately usually for some management data point they want in other company software. I encourage beginning with no integration and pursuing a new piece of integration maybe every six months to add capability and save time collaborating with other departments.

Procrastination is a thief in time and every day delayed is lost value for the want of applying management talent where clerical talent is only needed. The world is moving towards automation every single day. Automation is a tidal wave in a sea of change. The problem is, if we don’t automate, we lose to those that do.