More Flexible Transportation Management TMS Software

More Flexible Transportation Management Software

Here at Shippers Edge we have built more flexible transportation management TMS software to handle the needs of sophisticated shippers with diverse needs. What do you need that is not offered by out of the box shipping software? Tracking of truckloads shipped with small carriers that do not have the connectivity of the bigger carriers? We have it. That is only the beginning.

Yard management system; Dock management system; Trailer management system; Optimization. ShippersEdge has a solution, customized to your business requirements that won’t break your budget. The beauty of our logistics software is not that it does so much, it is that anybody can use it without extensive training. We do of course offer training.

You can also get more out of our TMS software with our powerful report generator that put data into your hands for manipulation any way you want or we will build custom reporting to your specifications. It’s as easy as select criteria, select the fields you want and click export. You can save templates of common reports for easy retrieval. You can even schedule reports to be emailed in the future.

At ShippersEdge we believe in sophistication by simplification. Software should be easy to use and have a fun interface. Our screen displays scale nicely for use on hand held devices like iPads and smart phones, no app required.

TMS OverKill

TMS overkill is wasted time and money. We have replaced expensive TMS software for a tenth of the price previously paid. It’s time to look into ShippersEdge to avoid those high monthly recurring costs.

ShippersEdge has Enterprise level TMS software starting at under $500 per month. Integrations in the low five figures. Have the logistics software you know your company needs without breaking the bank. Call ShippersEdge at 952-777-4421 or visit us on the web at