Logistics Software to Manage Spot Market Bids

Manage Spot Market Bids

ShippersEdge a highly developed Transportation Management System, has an organized way of tracking shipment freight rate quotes on spot market shipments. Traditionally most spot market bids were obtained on the telephone and then morphed to email in the past decade. Now there is a system to organize and record spot market bids into a shipment or bid record and ShippersEdge has it.

Quit using Excel, email and tedious manual methods and automate the gathering of rates for truckload and partial freight shipment, in one place and have fingertip shipping management system complete with historical tracking and activity logging. Obtaining shipping rates with logistics software should be easy, not crazy.

Did you know ShippersEdge is also tracking software. We can track your spot market shipping or any shipping for that matter. There are various methods we use to track your spot market freight and sometimes it is a simple email check call to your broker. Other ways are to tie into the cell phone tracking apps or with a sophisticated broker we can tie into them electronically.

ShippersEdge also makes spot market freight invoice auditing a snap that’s what makes our transportation management solution one of the top rated logistics software products on the market. Since the quoted rate is already in our system and attached to the order, when the freight bill arrives, simply enter the invoice into our system and we’ll compare the billed charge to the quoted charge. If there is a mismatch the invoice will be flagged for further review.

Better yet, ShippersEdge has an imaging routine and have your freight broker, upload his invoices into the system and include his charges. Again, if there is a mismatch, it will warn your broker the invoice amount does not match his quote. Preventing errors before they happen is one way ShippersEdge TMS proves itself every day.

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