Logistics Software sends freight charges to ERP

Getting Freight Charges into your ERP using Logistics Software

Freight charges change from estimated to actual based on the accuracy of the bill of lading. Even the best rating software cannot foresee weight changes and classification changes. With LTL carriers moving more and more into dimensional rating having accurate cube information is also important. Good logistics software can smooth out the bumps.

As carriers reweigh and reclassify your shipments, freight charges change. There are two things to know, first is that the carriers will update their systems and that information is available to you if you have the right shipping software. Secondly, if one freight terminal in a freight carrier’s network reweighs your shipment, you can have the opportunity to have a downstream terminal check the accuracy of that reweigh, but you can’t do that unless you have visibility.

ShippersEdge TMS constantly is checking freight carriers for changes in the estimated freight charges. Once the shipment delivers, ShippersEdge will retrieve the actual, final freight charges and send them to your ERP appended to the order. ShippersEdge also keeps track of the number of changes by your carriers so you can manage your freight carriers. Some carriers reweigh more than others and weights never go down, do they?

Assessorial charges need scrutiny too. Inside delivery, lift-gate, redelivery charges can add up especially when they are unwarranted. Most carriers maintain a database of delivery addresses that require special services. In ShippersEdge, we have an address book that has provisions to note special delivery requirements. Assessorial charges vary carrier to carrier so knowing in advance if a special delivery service is required can aid you in selecting the lowest cost carrier.

Having the tools to do the job is what a good Logistics Software and a capable Transportation Management System is all about. Talk to ShippersEdge 952-777-4421 or read more about ShippersEdge