Key Differentiator for Logistics Software

We have moved shipments ourselves

At ShippersEdge our development staff has years of experience in the transportation industry. Our Key Differentiator for Logistics Software is that we have moved shipments ourselves and some of us even worked our way through college working the shipping docks. The first transportation management software developed in 1980 on what was then known as a mini-frame computer. There was simply no transportation management software available affordable enough for a then small less than truckload shipping company.

Back in 2001, the infancy of what is now ShippersEdge was born out a vision to be able to deliver affordable shipping management software, over the web to manufacturers and distributors. Although just basic back then by today’s standards, ShippersEdge delivered on a need to be able to compare LTL rates quickly. Our background in LTL rating software was the differentiator back then too. Advanced functionality has been added over the years to offer a state-of-the-art highly affordable transportation management system rivaling expensive systems sold to Fortune 1000 companies.

Full integration available

With full integration available you can choose fully integrated shipping software or a newly released standalone system which still includes the ability to upload csv files containing basic shipment information or enter shipments through a keyboard.

Manage truckload shipping

ShippersEdge also includes the ability to manage truckload shipping including requesting truckload freight quotes from the spot market or retrieving truckload rating from rate sheets uploaded into the system. Spot market quotes are automatically retained and displayed along with any fixed rates you may have. Gone are endless emails, spreadsheets and the workload of doing things to old way.

There is much, much more in ShippersEdge like automatic pickup requests to carriers, shipment tracing, transit problem alerting, freight rate change alerting, freight bill auditing to name a few. Your differentiator should be ShippersEdge as your TMS.

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