Its About Time

Its about time, saving time. ShippersEdge Multi-Carrier Shipping Software is about saving time getting rate quotes without have to go to each transportation company’s website to find out the lowest cost carrier is for your shipment. Imagine being able to use software to compare freight rates in one place. ShippersEdge has a powerful rating engine and it stores the rate quotes online for you. It even works to compare truckload rates and the transportation spot market.

Finding the lowest cost carrier has been a tedious task and when time runs out the lowest cost freight provider is sometimes not found. Companies that always use the low-cost provider can save up to 20% on their shipping costs.

ShippersEdge has more features than just hosted rating software, it can print bills of lading and labels. It will provide comprehensive reporting including a report if the lowest cost carrier was not used and the reason why. All reports are exportable to a spreadsheet.

ShippersEdge provides electronic shipment tracking, freight bill audit and will store transportation documents online. It can work as a standalone hosted shipment management system or as a fully integrated Transportation Management System (TMS).


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