Freight invoices uploaded and stored

Think of ShippersEdge as your safe, electronic filing cabinet. Most brokers and small carriers will even upload the documents themselves and ShippersEdge can be set to ask them to do so. With most LTL carriers, ShippersEdge can retrieve stored freight invoices electronically through their web services. Let’s face it, paper invoices are so yesterday. Saving paper is the way of the future. ShippersEdge can help you compare quoted rates with actual charges to make sure they match and output freight accrual information to your accounting department for accurate payment and accurate monthly closes.

ShippersEdge is far more than an affordable shipment management solution, it is the wave of the future for transportation management software. Managing your shipping costs should not be a laborious manual task. Using multi-carrier transportation management software will streamline your processes, assure lowest cost carrier selection and save time.

Studies have shown transportation management software can reduce freight costs by 8%-20% and add accountability and reporting capability. Call or write ShippersEdge today. More information at