Built In Freight Bill Auditing

Freight Bill Auditing via ShippersEdge TMS Software

How do you know the rate quoted is the rate that is billed? Often times the answer is not easy to find out. It is a tedious and time consuming task until now. The execution when auditing freight charges is the hard part, you either have to check a tariff or consult a spreadsheet or God forbid, search your emails. Some people print out their freight quotes and save them for when the invoice arrives, that’s just silly. Checking spreadsheets, sticky notes, searching file folders and emails is no way to run a railroad. Use a system specifically designed to handle the task.

ShippersEdge TMS automates your sourcing and provides for the auditing of freight charges as an enhanced byproduct. Our TMS was built to have a point and shoot way of getting your freight rates organized and then as the providers bill you it compares the rate you were either quoted or rate sheets with the rate you’re billed.

It works like this; set up your providers in our carrier manager, enter a shipment, select which providers you want to bid on your freight or those who have provided rate tables and our system will store a spot quote or compute the freight charges from a rate table. ShippersEdge will display the quotes so you can compare rates and select a provider. Then as freight invoices arrive, it knows what the charge is supposed to be and flags invoices that are more than they are supposed to be. No more search spreadsheet or your notes or worse, your email, the information is right at your fingertips.

Studies have shown at least a 1-2% error rate in freight invoicing whether intentional or not is very common. When you’re in charge of controlling freight expenses, use tools built for the job. ShippersEdge is highly affordable and highly capable logistics software meant for small and midsized businesses. Call 952-777-4421 for more information.