Find the Lowest Freight Cost

Simple Way to Find the Lowest Freight Cost

Logging in to multiple carrier websites is not easy. There is another way to find the lowest freight cost, use ShippersEdge TMS. ShippersEdge will log into all of your carrier’s websites automatically to find the lowest freight cost and display them all of your carrier’s rates on one page allowing you to make comparisons. The technology generally used is an API connection, but ShippersEdge can also display rates from carriers who do not support this technology.

Display all of your rates in one place

ShippersEdge can display rates from tables for special rates such as linear foot rates, pallet rates or mileage rates. Not all carriers have API technology so if your rates are for instance, in an excel spreadsheet, we can upload those rate tables and calculate a rate. We can also communicate with your low technology carriers for tracking and tracing.

Do away with time consuming rate retrieval from carrier websites, use modern shipping software to retrieve your lowest freight cost. ShippersEdge also keeps a record of the freight costs should you need to verify your quoted rate in the event of a billing issue. We can also provide a portal to sales and customer service so they themselves can find a freight cost, saving the transportation department’s time.

Other important features

What else can ShippersEdge TMS do? Track your freight; Automatically audit freight invoices; Alert you to service delays; Alert you of cost changes; Create bills of lading and shipping labels with bar coded pro numbers and much more. ShippersEdge also has an easy to use report generator to put data your shipping data in your hands. It’s time to modernize your shipping procedures and streamline your process flow with technology.

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ShippersEdge has logistics software starting at just $199.00. Integrated transportation management systems start at $499.00. Find out more by calling 952-777-4421 or visit us on the web at Talk to ShippersEdge.