Finally, an Affordable TMS

In years past a Transportation Management System was reserved for the biggest of big enterprises. Those days are a relic due to the miracle of modern programming and cloud based computing resources. Finally, a TMS for shippers with a modest freight spend, an affordable Shipping Management solution.

It has been proven Transportation Management Software, aiding in the selection of lowest cost providers, can reduce the typical company’s freight costs by 8%-20% and pay for itself many times over each month. Simple stand-alone solutions can be had for as little as $200.00 per month for small shippers with Enterprise level integrated shipment management software costing around $1.00 per shipment for larger applications.

The days of logging into various carrier’s websites to retrieve rates, or using emails to obtain spot market and truckload rates are a thing of the past to the adopters of easy to use and now affordable multi-carrier shipping software. Pen, paper, Excel spreadsheets and email are a poor way to run an efficient shipping department and will cost money and time. It’s time to automate and centralize your shipping.

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