Easy Adoption of a TMS

Fast and Easy Adoption of a TMS

Adoption of a TMS is daunting for some and can require hours of hard to retain training. Some legacy TMS software is also very cumbersome to use. For most users, the user interface is overkill and complex because it was designed to cover all aspects of the program when all the user wanted was a simple interface for the task at hand. At ShippersEdge we wanted fast and easy adoption of a TMS so we made our user interface easy to understand and intuitive.

Getting the most out of your TMS requires ease of use and simplified navigation. ShippersEdge has only two layers of navigation so you’ll never get lost in endless menus. People are operationally functional within a few minutes of sitting behind the screen. Installing ShippersEdge will not slow your company down.

ShippersEdge uses predominately API technology to interface with freight carriers. We also use EDI for certain functions not available in API form. For small unsophisticated carriers, we have a unique way of allowing them to present quotes, tracking and invoicing electronically.

ShippersEdge also works with table rates, nonstandard rating such as pallet rates or lineal foot rates. Rates from the spot market use our ingenious way of getting and then storing spot market rates which make vendor selection, shipment tracking and subsequent auditing a breeze.

ShippersEdge offers integrated Logistics Software and standalone Shipping Software for small to midsized businesses. Our product launched on the web in 2002 and has since been ported to the cloud. We were the first with SaaS Freight Management software. Use our experience to help your company gain efficiencies.

For fast and easy adoption of a TMS, ShippersEdge is your go to solution. Call 952-777-4421 or click the demo button on www.shippersedge.com/info Talk to ShippersEdge we’re affordable and capable.