Seven things ShippersEdge does that Kuebix does not

Compare Kuebix to ShippersEdge

Seven things ShippersEdge does that Kuebix does not:

Tracking Link for Customers Yes No
Ability to use table rates Yes No
Freight Consolidation Yes No
Alerting on transit problems Yes No
Tracking for carriers without EDI Yes No
Freight Accrual Report Yes No
Manage/Store Documents Yes No

ShippersEdge is a more mature product than Kuebix. We’ve had a web based Saas Logistics Management System since 2002. We did it when it was hard and our maturity shows. Now you get the benefit of our maturity.

Everyone expects Shipping Software to do the basics, trace and track shipments. Not everybody expects a transportation management platform to be configurable to provide tracking emails to their clients or automatically alert you to transit problems and rate changes. We do. We can even send a tracing email to your non-connected service providers to find out where your shipment is and display it inside our logistics software.

Some shippers build truckloads with stop off deliveries, ShippersEdge does consolidations. We also provide rating when server connectivity isn’t possible through table rate (uploads) and spot market quote gathering and retention. We retain all spot quotes with the shipment so you don’t have to.

For accounting, we have a process to provide an accurate freight accrual, its built into our freight bill auditing process. Now keep accounting happy month after month, no more estimating.

For sales or customer service we provide the ability to view rates. Sales people can run a rate quote from their mobile devices. Sales and customer service also have the ability to track and trace shipments. Keep the communication between departments in the cloud.

ShippersEdge has long known companies can’t slow down while implementing a new shipping system. We work with you to get all of your departments working with the system at your pace. The interface is so intuitive, you’ll be able to use it in minutes. Even technologically challenged users will feel at home. See this article

For more information visit www.shippersedge/info or call 952-777-4421