Carrier Portals

Custom Carrier Portals

ShippersEdge has off the shelf and customizable carrier portals. Typically, large volume truckload shippers use a carrier portal to have their carriers update status on the loads and to accept or reject shipment tender requests.

Some shippers like to use portals as load boards with fixed pricing or as bid boards. Whether you set the expected price or you’re requesting a price from a provider, a carrier portal is an excellent way to provide your carrier visibility into your available or upcoming shipments. Rates can also be extracted from established rate agreements with your providers.

Messaging that remains a permanent record in the shipment can also be accomplished through the portal and a flag can be set to denote a new message to ensure it is seen. In some cases, you may want to send an email to your provider notifying them of new messages or changes to a load.

When it comes to a portal, ShippersEdge can advise you of state of the art best practices and if appropriate, incorporate those practices along with your current practices if desired. Your portal will be done your way. Gone will be spreadsheets, hunting through emails and sticky notes to find particulars on a shipment.

Make your carrier portal the way you want it. Contact ShippersEdge call 952-777-4421 or visit us on the web at

A TMS with a Built-in App for Managing Intermediate Bulk Containers

A TMS with a Built-in App for Managing Intermediate Bulk Containers

ShippersEdge an award-winning transportation management system is pleased to announce its available app to help you grade and count your returned IBC equipment. You would use ShippersEdge TMS to route and track your intermediate bulk container shipping both inbound and outbound. As the IBC equipment is returned to your facility a special tab will show you which containers need to be inventoried and graded.

The app is specifically designed to be operated from an iPad (or another tablet) to be graded. You can also activate the camera if wanted. You can add inventory units and finally export this data to your billing system or ERP.

Below is an example or a form we did for an IBC exchange company. It can be easily modified to fit your needs exactly.

Get your workflow managed and easier than ever to get the date you need sent to the right application. The add on app is only $250.00 per month so its highly affordable. ShippersEdge TMS base entry pricing is just under $500.00 per month and integrations are reasonably priced as is the setup fees.

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Shippers use technology to mitigate chargebacks

Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more money

A whole host of big box retailers, from Walmart to Walgreens, CVS to Amazon are assessing penalties for late deliveries. It sounds to me like Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more money so let’s help him out. Shippers need to use technology to mitigate these chargebacks. Since MAP 21, coercing drivers even through threats to withhold future business is not an answer at all. The ELD capacity tightening is only making things worse. There are a lot of whys in that but let’s start with an answer first.

Plan your shipping

Plan your shipping around expected transit times. We’ll go into this further but LTL carriers publish transit times and technology can help you monitor the accuracies of those times. Truckload transit times have to be geared toward driver hours, weather and congestion. There are now inexpensive ways to track truckload transit and do historical analysis in specific lanes.

This is all presuming you can schedule production to a ship date generated by technology. Let’s say we have an LTL shipment, where stated transit time is 4 days (business days) and data shows 85% on time deliveries. The rate is $560.00. The best on time percentage is 98% but the rate is $20.00 more. Amazon charges 3% of the cost of goods (invoice value). On a $8,000 order saving $20.00 could cost you $240.00.

The math

Assuming you ship monthly to all 122 Amazon Fulfillment centers in the US:

Total Shipments

15% Late Order Value 3% Chargeback Total of all charge backs
1464 220 $18,000  $540.00  $118,584.00
Total Shipments 2% Late Order Value 3% Chargeback Total of all charge backs
1464 29 $18,000  $540.00  $15,811.20
Total Shipments Additional Freight Charges @ $20.00 each Savings with on time carrier
1464  $29,280.00  $73,492.80
However, Amazon only assesses the outside delivery window charge if your trailing four week average is below 90% so in effect you could save the entire $118,584.00 by using a more reliable carrier.


So how do you get reliability percentages easily

So how do you get reliability percentages easily and automatically? ShippersEdge TMS will give them to you and they can be viewed manually or incorporated into business rules f and used with automated tendering.

All the major retailing chains have added late delivery chargebacks to their arsenal. Just having an easy way to create delivery reports that show the delivery date vs. the delivery window requested can aid in dispute resolution. Getting carrier information into your ASNs is another thing a TMS can assist you with. By knowing transit times and reliability metrics, a TMS can tell you when to ship, with whom to ship and give you the data to make informed objective decisions.

A TMS can also record weather related delays, track full truckloads and create alerts for situations where an appointment can’t be met. Some missed appointment charges can run $350.00. Integrating with cell phone tracking is made for a TMS to point out problems before they become bottom line events.

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Using Ancient Technology to Manage Freight Is No Way to Run a Railroad

The old days

This was how we used ancient technology to move freight. You may be aware that in the old days, we used machines like the one above to communicate with railroad computers. A Telex machine could transmit at 66 words per minute and Telex network time was expensive. To keep the cost down, you preset your message by using a paper punch tape. Once complete you snapped the tape into the reader dialed up the receiver and pushed send. Later we got TWX machines that could transmit 120 words per minute.

This was the technology until about 1980 when fax arrived to the masses and we could transmit pages at the remarkable speed of 2 or 4 minutes (higher quality at 4 minutes). Plain paper fax arrived in the early and mid-eighties. Fax cards for PCs came about in about 1990. They were expensive. New technology breakthroughs are generally expensive.


TMS or Transportation Management Systems mainly originated in the mid-eighties written languages like COBOL and Fortran. They ran on mainframes and cost millions. Prices on technology always fall over time to innovators. New computer languages and modern cloud computing servers have dropped the prices on next generation TMS platforms to level affordable by companies of any size. Starter out of the box systems start at about $200.00 per month.


ShippersEdge TMS offers a starter system called our Professional Edition which borrows most of the technology of our Enterprise Edition. It is a highly capable TMS and has advanced features you won’t find on Freightview and Kuebix. It does offer customization and advanced reporting. It offers shipment and document storage and you can receive electronic invoicing. (Yes we do EDI where needed) It offers file uploading to capture shipment information so your orders are in the system quickly and accurately. You can use the reporting features to export data to your other software platforms.

And Tomorrow

As your company grows we can add extremely advanced functionality, customized for you and fully integrate with any software platform for real time updating. Plus, you’ll be able to use the same interface you’ve been using and add the “I wish I had a button that does that does this and another one that does that” plus add functionality for all of your departments.

ShippersEdge is the most affordable full featured TMS on the market today.

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Can a 3PL use ShippersEdge?

Can a 3PL use ShippersEdge?

Yes. ShippersEdge can allow your client a direct portal to rate and book shipments. ShippersEdge would be branded to your company’s logo. We can work with shipper specific pricing or blanket pricing. We also work with rate tables if needed and can accommodate specialty rating such as pallet rates, dimensional rating (dim rates) and lineal foot rates.

One of the best parts of ShippersEdge is its ease of use. People can be operational in minutes rather than days. Training replacement workers is a snap. Clients and you are both alerted if a shipment price goes up due to weight, class or accessorial charges.

Paperless invoicing to your clients and from your carriers is available. Invoices are automatically audited against expected estimated charges. Exceptions are placed in their own tab for easy visibility. Original rating criteria, including rate quote number are saved. Easily link to the carrier’s website to review documentation.

Transit issue are flagged to get ahead of problems with minimal impact to your clients and their customers. An audit trail is created on transit time exceptions for use if ordering expedited services. Your customers can choose to send email alerts to others when an order is shipped complete with a tracking link for easy live tracing on the carrier’s websites.

Full reporting modules available for both you and your clients. Most reporting is into an Excel spreadsheet. The user can specify selection criteria(s) and which fields to export. Templates of common reports can be saved. Custom and automated reports can be set up by ShippersEdge. A handy dashboard can be customized for your clients and your firm.

Your clients can also use ShippersEdge to book their truckload shipments. You choose whether they can also communicate with other truckload providers through the system. You will always have visibility into the system on any client.

Integrations are common for us and we can integrate into almost anything. Integration can be as simple as file uploads in batch or API integrations if the software to be integrated with is capable. We also support OBDC.

Contact ShippersEdge today at 952-777-4451 or visit us on the web at

Why Transportation Management Software is so Important

Essential to cut workload and drive down spend

Why transportation management software is so important. In today’s rapid fire work environment, a TMS, often referred to as a Transportation Management System or Transportation Management Software, is essential to cut workload and drive down the transportation spend. A good TMS will give visibility on the freight rates and transit times of all of your providers allowing you to select the provider based on either cost or transit time. This is just the beginning.

Outbound shipping and making the system make you money

Managing outbound shipping is what most TMS applications were built for. It is a given they will to some extent or another handle them. Some starter TMS software will not accept rate table uploads. Some don’t handle consolidations and some weren’t built for truckload. Specialty rates are often not able to be applied by low end systems. A TMS should also alert you if your shipment violates lineal foot or other carrier specified restrictions and penalties. It should also alert and solicit custom rate quotes when shipments meet a particular criteria. That’s making you money.

Manage incoming shipments

In most applications, your TMS will also be tasked to manage incoming shipments. This may mean preparing and transmitting a bill of lading to your suppliers or simply being able to scan carrier EDI feeds for your purchase orders. ShippersEdge can also inform you of inbound shipments which were not imported from your purchase order system.

Provide stakeholders tracking and other information

As TMS software modernized and gained full connectivity to the transportation providers the best systems will now, notify the provider of a needed pickup, confirm their acceptance or more importantly notify of an exception (unable to pick up) and track the shipment through to destination. While tracking, the system should be able to provide stakeholders tracking links similar to what you get when you order online.

Record keeping and logging

Record keeping and logging. Accountability and source error recognition are important for training and error prevention. Having empirical data available assists in quantifying and monetizing error prevention and recovery. A TMS will also provide carrier scorecards for late deliveries, reweight and other anomalies because it should be logging those events.

A word about interfacing with accounting

A word about interfacing with accounting here; some finance departments want to import approved freight invoices into a company’s accounting system, some want payable vouchers and some want paperless. Any of these should be available in an advanced TMS. There is other reporting as well. Appending a freight cost to a sales order is one and another is a freight accrual report. Auditing is yet another important function and advanced TMS software can often time replace third party contracted services for freight bill audit and payment.

Notice if an anticipated charge changes

Exceptional systems also now provide notice if an anticipated charge from the transportation provider changes and provide an audit path to rectify the discrepancy. If you’re finding out about reweighs when the freight bills arrive, you have no way of having them checked while still in possession of the carrier and thus no chance to rectify an obvious mistake.

Connectivity to your in-house software systems

Enterprise Class Systems now offer complete connectivity to your in-house software systems eliminating time consuming and error-prone hand keying of anything that is already in a data format when captured. Integration can be complete or partial depending on client needs. Enterprise logistics software also has reporting capability not often contained in in-house software.

Specialty applications

Specialty applications such as jobsite equipment monitoring or stowage handling unit location and retrieval can be built and monitored far easier in a custom TMS application than trying to modify an ERP or having yet another standalone software solution. If you need it, we’ll build it.

A mid-range TMS with a meaningful ROI

ShippersEdge is a mid-range TMS with an outstanding return on investment. Most TMS installations generate about a 7% reduction in freight costs due to increase use of preferred carriers, visibility on the lowest cost providers and better data for procurement. Couple that with soft cost saving due to efficiencies gained in operations, you’ve achieved a meaningful ROI without breaking the bank.

Without a TMS, you’re losing money and productivity

If your company is doing without a TMS, you’re losing productivity and probably leaving money on the table. If you can see it, it is darn near impossible to manage except in the most rudimentary way. Mid-range TMS Software was even around 10 years ago. It is now not only around, its developed, mature and capable. Monthly subscriptions are very low and setup costs can be extremely cost effective.

ShippersEdge was at the forefront

ShippersEdge was at the forefront of this TMS revolution back in 2002 when it introduced the first web-based (now referred to as hosted or cloud based) TMS in the country. Big companies had Transportation Management Systems with 7 figure price tags and 6 figure annual maintenance spend. We thought there was a better way.

More information at or call 952-777-4421

More Flexible Transportation Management TMS Software

More Flexible Transportation Management Software

Here at Shippers Edge we have built more flexible transportation management TMS software to handle the needs of sophisticated shippers with diverse needs. What do you need that is not offered by out of the box shipping software? Tracking of truckloads shipped with small carriers that do not have the connectivity of the bigger carriers? We have it. That is only the beginning.

Yard management system; Dock management system; Trailer management system; Optimization. ShippersEdge has a solution, customized to your business requirements that won’t break your budget. The beauty of our logistics software is not that it does so much, it is that anybody can use it without extensive training. We do of course offer training.

You can also get more out of our TMS software with our powerful report generator that put data into your hands for manipulation any way you want or we will build custom reporting to your specifications. It’s as easy as select criteria, select the fields you want and click export. You can save templates of common reports for easy retrieval. You can even schedule reports to be emailed in the future.

At ShippersEdge we believe in sophistication by simplification. Software should be easy to use and have a fun interface. Our screen displays scale nicely for use on hand held devices like iPads and smart phones, no app required.

TMS OverKill

TMS overkill is wasted time and money. We have replaced expensive TMS software for a tenth of the price previously paid. It’s time to look into ShippersEdge to avoid those high monthly recurring costs.

ShippersEdge has Enterprise level TMS software starting at under $500 per month. Integrations in the low five figures. Have the logistics software you know your company needs without breaking the bank. Call ShippersEdge at 952-777-4421 or visit us on the web at

Easy Adoption of a TMS

Fast and Easy Adoption of a TMS

Adoption of a TMS is daunting for some and can require hours of hard to retain training. Some legacy TMS software is also very cumbersome to use. For most users, the user interface is overkill and complex because it was designed to cover all aspects of the program when all the user wanted was a simple interface for the task at hand. At ShippersEdge we wanted fast and easy adoption of a TMS so we made our user interface easy to understand and intuitive.

Getting the most out of your TMS requires ease of use and simplified navigation. ShippersEdge has only two layers of navigation so you’ll never get lost in endless menus. People are operationally functional within a few minutes of sitting behind the screen. Installing ShippersEdge will not slow your company down.

ShippersEdge uses predominately API technology to interface with freight carriers. We also use EDI for certain functions not available in API form. For small unsophisticated carriers, we have a unique way of allowing them to present quotes, tracking and invoicing electronically.

ShippersEdge also works with table rates, nonstandard rating such as pallet rates or lineal foot rates. Rates from the spot market use our ingenious way of getting and then storing spot market rates which make vendor selection, shipment tracking and subsequent auditing a breeze.

ShippersEdge offers integrated Logistics Software and standalone Shipping Software for small to midsized businesses. Our product launched on the web in 2002 and has since been ported to the cloud. We were the first with SaaS Freight Management software. Use our experience to help your company gain efficiencies.

For fast and easy adoption of a TMS, ShippersEdge is your go to solution. Call 952-777-4421 or click the demo button on Talk to ShippersEdge we’re affordable and capable.

Capable TMS software

ShippersEdge has two versions of our award-winning transportation management system. Our Professional Edition is meant for small business and our Enterprise Edition is for small to mid-sized shippers. Both versions are extremely affordable and capable TMS software that is easy to use and so intuitive training is a breeze.

Rate gathering time is reduced exponentially by using ShippersEdge’s powerful rating engine. Simply enter origin, destination and description and rates and published transit times from all of your available carriers appear. ShippersEdge stores your rate quote online in case of a rate discrepancy. ShippersEdge can also help manage your spot market freight bids by organizing and retaining them all in one place allowing you to easily make a selection of providers.

ShippersEdge can provide full visibility to your customers by sending them an email with the tracking link for your shipment. This notification can also be embedded on your website or directed to other concerned parties. ShippersEdge can also locate incoming shipments to your facility if shipped by a compliant freight company. You can also prepare a bill of lading for your vendors to use for your preferred carriers.

Sequential also known as Waterfall tendering is available on our Enterprise Edition. Sequential tendering is done on your business rules.

ShippersEdge can electronically accept freight invoices and check them against the quoted rate. If a discrepancy is found, ShippersEdge place the shipment in a special tab for investigation and approval any level of tolerance can be set. ShippersEdge will retrieve the original quote for comparison. With our Enterprise Edition, ShippersEdge can automatically send invoices to your accounting system for payment. Many shippers also append freight charges to their sales orders or purchase orders ShippersEdge makes this task easy.

ShippersEdge user interface is simply intuitive. Everything was designed for ease of use and is laid out logically. People with only a glancing knowledge of freight transportation can sit down and become immediately productive.

ShippersEdge has a powerful consolidation engine and has optional optimization capability. ShippersEdge integrates with popular mileage programs such as PC Miler and tracking systems like Macropoint. Consolidations only available on the Enterprise Edition.

If you markup freight charges to your customers, ShippersEdge can be configured to automatically apply a markup when used for quoting by sales or customer service. ShippersEdge can also be integrated to ecommerce sites. ShippersEdge also can provide package rates and tracking. These features are available on the Enterprise Edition.

Professional Edition starts at $199.00 per month and our Enterprise Edition begins at $499.00 per month. Enterprise per shipment costs can be as low as $0.80 for high volume shippers. TMS software was never so affordable and affordable TMS software was never this capable.

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Powerful logistics software

More powerful logistics software and transportation management system

There is now a proliferation of shipping software available as hosted or cloud based transportation management systems. Most are built for low volume users and ShippersEdge has a product for small business with our Professional Edition shipping management software.

For businesses that have higher volumes and want integration as well as more advanced features, ShippersEdge our Enterprise Transportation Management Software is the ideal solution that won’t break the bank. Our Enterprise TMS software can be integrated to talk with your ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics and other systems. It has advanced features formerly only found in top line (read expensive) TMS software meant for the Fortune 500.

With packages for 250 shipments per month to thousands of shipments per month ShippersEdge has a package for you. Advanced or simple integrations to any ERP, WMS or OMS.

Advanced rating engines, basic optimization, custom business rules, waterfall auto-tendering, advanced exception alerting and many more features once only available in systems costing 6-7 figures are now within reach of small and medium sized businesses. Don’t just buy shipping software only to outgrow it.

Talk to ShippersEdge we’re affordable and capable. 952-777-4421 or ask for a demo on our home page