Capable TMS software

ShippersEdge has two versions of our award-winning transportation management system. Our Professional Edition is meant for small business and our Enterprise Edition is for small to mid-sized shippers. Both versions are extremely affordable and capable TMS software that is easy to use and so intuitive training is a breeze.

Rate gathering time is reduced exponentially by using ShippersEdge’s powerful rating engine. Simply enter origin, destination and description and rates and published transit times from all of your available carriers appear. ShippersEdge stores your rate quote online in case of a rate discrepancy. ShippersEdge can also help manage your spot market freight bids by organizing and retaining them all in one place allowing you to easily make a selection of providers.

ShippersEdge can provide full visibility to your customers by sending them an email with the tracking link for your shipment. This notification can also be embedded on your website or directed to other concerned parties. ShippersEdge can also locate incoming shipments to your facility if shipped by a compliant freight company. You can also prepare a bill of lading for your vendors to use for your preferred carriers.

Sequential also known as Waterfall tendering is available on our Enterprise Edition. Sequential tendering is done on your business rules.

ShippersEdge can electronically accept freight invoices and check them against the quoted rate. If a discrepancy is found, ShippersEdge place the shipment in a special tab for investigation and approval any level of tolerance can be set. ShippersEdge will retrieve the original quote for comparison. With our Enterprise Edition, ShippersEdge can automatically send invoices to your accounting system for payment. Many shippers also append freight charges to their sales orders or purchase orders ShippersEdge makes this task easy.

ShippersEdge user interface is simply intuitive. Everything was designed for ease of use and is laid out logically. People with only a glancing knowledge of freight transportation can sit down and become immediately productive.

ShippersEdge has a powerful consolidation engine and has optional optimization capability. ShippersEdge integrates with popular mileage programs such as PC Miler and tracking systems like Macropoint. Consolidations only available on the Enterprise Edition.

If you markup freight charges to your customers, ShippersEdge can be configured to automatically apply a markup when used for quoting by sales or customer service. ShippersEdge can also be integrated to ecommerce sites. ShippersEdge also can provide package rates and tracking. These features are available on the Enterprise Edition.

Professional Edition starts at $199.00 per month and our Enterprise Edition begins at $499.00 per month. Enterprise per shipment costs can be as low as $0.80 for high volume shippers. TMS software was never so affordable and affordable TMS software was never this capable.

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