A More Capable TMS

More Capable Transportation Management Software

With the proliferation of new TMS platforms providing LTL rating software and little else ShippersEdge, the leader in Small to Mid-Sized Business Transportation Management Software provides a more capable Logistics Software Platform.

Here are some key differentiators against the low-end providers:

Supply Chain Visibility

ShippersEdge can track and manage your raw materials and imports. Transit problems are automatically flagged based on custom business rules. It is best to know of a problem than be surprised by a problem.

Shipment Tracking

ShippersEdge can provide the tools to allow your customer or customer service department to track shipments and be notified of transit problems.

Freight Consolidation and Pool Distribution

ShippersEdge has the tools to create your own consolidated truckloads and pool distribution. We can help you track your savings by using advanced shipping techniques.


ShippersEdge can integrate with your ERP, WMS or Order Management System as well as to common CRM software.

Freight Cost Variance Reporting

Freight variances are tracked in real time giving you the opportunity to attempt to rectify them before they actualize. After the fact reporting is also provided.

Freight Accrual Reporting

ShippersEdge knows which freight bills haven’t come in yet and our advanced reporting makes it easy to provide accounting with an accurate freight accrual.

ShippersEdge is Affordable and Capable

We built a more capable TMS that has features of expensive systems but at a fraction of the cost. You owe it to yourself to have capable Transportation Management Software. Talk to ShippersEdge 952-777-4421 or read more about ShippersEdge