Accurate Freight Accruals

Accurate Freight Accruals and how to provide them

Transportation and Logistics managers face a daunting task at many companies, providing accurate freight accruals to the accounting department every month. What if it wasn’t hard at all. ShippersEdge users have an advantage. ShippersEdge knows what freight invoices are outstanding at the end of an accounting period. Moreover, since ShippersEdge is constantly updating freight charges, even on shipments where freight costs change, ShippersEdge is there, retrieving the updated charges throughout the lifecycle of a shipment.

ShippersEdge through constantly interrogating freight carrier’s servers is also updating transit times and knows which shipments have delivered and which shipments are still in transit. Using shipment delivery as the standard for recognizing a freight cost, ShippersEdge can do a simple compare algorithm and generate a report for accounting. Now a task that is generally inaccurate and time consuming is reduced to the simple touch of a button.

ShippersEdge is more than just a shipping management system. It can be used as standalone Transportation Management Software of be configured as fully integrated Transportation Management System.

ShippersEdge is freight rate comparison software combined with freight tracking software. It offers dynamic reporting capabilities and end-to-end supply chain visibility. Freight consolidations are easily created along with proper parent/child bills of lading. ShippersEdge has an easy to use freight bill auditing feature which flags any freight bill out of tolerance with estimated costs. ShippersEdge automatically stores less than truckload quotes and works similarly with truckload rate comparisons and storage of truckload quotes. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to technology that makes logistics software easier.

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