Advanced Shipment Tracking

Advanced Shipment Tracking and Notification

ShippersEdge is a flexible, affordable and feature rich TMS SaaS platform designed with ease of use and your customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Cases in point:

The challenge:

A textbook publisher delivers 90% of their textbooks during the summer to disorganized [it is summer break] individual schools. Almost all of these shipments are LTL. The person responsible at the school for arranging the receiving is usually a principal or a vice principle. The challenge was making sure someone was available to receive the shipment when the truck arrived.


Set up SMS text messaging to the receiving party when:

  1. The shipment is shipped complete with link to the carrier’s website
  2. Notify the receiving party when the shipment is out for deliver
  3. Immediately notify the publisher if shipment goes back to the carrier’s dock
  4. Provide carrier terminal contact information to receiver and publisher
  5. Capture redelivery costs to be billed to receiver

The challenge:

A Fortune 50 manufacturer of commercial grade printers and copiers needed to track final mile delivery of their machines so a service tech could meet the truck and securely off load the machine and install it.


Provide a mobile friendly app to see stop level detail on delivery trucks through connection with onboard technology. App is permission based so the user (the service tech) only see their deliveries.  

The challenge:

One of the largest architectural steel fabricators in the United States deliveries thousands of truckloads of steel to numerous simultaneous jobsites throughout the country. There were three challenges here:

  1. Keep trucks on time to minimize idle crane back charges
  2. Monitor jobsite dwell time to minimize detention
  3. Keep track of every cost and provide visibility by job 


Connected to onboard technology in the truck with geo fencing and en-route delay alerting. Configured our jobs manager to track all transportation costs including various accessorial charges by job. Provided project manager view of each job to the project manager. Output detail payable information including vendor code, GL code job code and “chargeable” accessorial charges. 

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