Tracking Information to my Customers

ShippersEdge has two ways of providing tracking information to my customers

Integrated tracking information with your Website. ShippersEdge can provide information to your web pages that will populate a secure tracking page so customers know where their shipments are. Similar to what you see on Amazon under “your orders”. If you want your clients to do self-serve tracking, this is but one way we can assist you. ShippersEdge knows how much of a time-saver allowing customers to do their own tracking is. In addition, it will let your clients know, your technology is up-to-date and on par with the most technologically advanced companies.

Tracking sent by email, similar to notifications you get in many online retail platforms is yet another way ShippersEdge keeps your customers happy. ShippersEdge is retrieving updated tracking information and appending it to your orders within our shipping software. We can also provide an email, with a link directly to the tracking page at your chosen carrier. Your customer simply click the link within the email to directly get the latest location information from the carrier.

ShippersEdge tracks truckloads too

ShippersEdge can retrieve any information available through EDI or a tracking link with your truckload providers and either display it on your website or via tracking email. We go further than that, if your truckload provider does not allow or have electronic information exchange, we can use an email information gathering routine to mimic an electronic exchange. Your (non-technologically advanced) provider simply clicks the link in an email asking for updated status information. ShippersEdge gathers the information and places it in the TMS and also will display it to your customer via web or email.

ShippersEdge is innovative, affordable and capable. By automating routine tasks, we help you save time and money, while simultaneously help you reflect a more modern image and capability.

ShippersEdge has both integrated and standalone logistics software available.

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Easy Adoption of a TMS

Fast and Easy Adoption of a TMS

Adoption of a TMS is daunting for some and can require hours of hard to retain training. Some legacy TMS software is also very cumbersome to use. For most users, the user interface is overkill and complex because it was designed to cover all aspects of the program when all the user wanted was a simple interface for the task at hand. At ShippersEdge we wanted fast and easy adoption of a TMS so we made our user interface easy to understand and intuitive.

Getting the most out of your TMS requires ease of use and simplified navigation. ShippersEdge has only two layers of navigation so you’ll never get lost in endless menus. People are operationally functional within a few minutes of sitting behind the screen. Installing ShippersEdge will not slow your company down.

ShippersEdge uses predominately API technology to interface with freight carriers. We also use EDI for certain functions not available in API form. For small unsophisticated carriers, we have a unique way of allowing them to present quotes, tracking and invoicing electronically.

ShippersEdge also works with table rates, nonstandard rating such as pallet rates or lineal foot rates. Rates from the spot market use our ingenious way of getting and then storing spot market rates which make vendor selection, shipment tracking and subsequent auditing a breeze.

ShippersEdge offers integrated Logistics Software and standalone Shipping Software for small to midsized businesses. Our product launched on the web in 2002 and has since been ported to the cloud. We were the first with SaaS Freight Management software. Use our experience to help your company gain efficiencies.

For fast and easy adoption of a TMS, ShippersEdge is your go to solution. Call 952-777-4421 or click the demo button on Talk to ShippersEdge we’re affordable and capable.

21 Features of TMS Software by

21  23 Features of TMS Software by ShippersEdge

Rating Engine for LTL Carriers via API

Carrier EDI

EDI connectivity for international shipping

Store and us rate tables for truckload

Nonstandard rate calculations

Compute pallet and footage rates

Extract rates from rate tables

Gather and store spot market rate quotes

Manage and store shipping documents and freight invoices

Easy Freight bill audit capability

Freight accrual report

Electronic and email tracking capability

Email notification to customers with embedded tracking link

Address book with advanced data storage of receiving or shipping point information

Product (items) storage database

Ability to manage hazmat requirements

Consolidation and manifesting parent-child bills of lading

Intuitive interface requires little training


Cloud based SaaS deployment

Capability to markup freight charges

Export data to Excel for complete reporting

Integration available with any ERP, Order Management, CRM or WMS system

Companies that have freight spends in excess of $50,000 per month should be using an appropriate tool to manage their shipping. ShippersEdge is highly affordable and highly capable. ShippersEdge can be used standalone or integrated with your other systems. This is real logistics software and can be customized for your specific application if desired.

Expensive systems do not provide the ROI for small to midsized companies. They are TMS overkill with complicated interfaces requiring extensive training of new users. You will get 90% of the functionality contained in systems costing ten times the price monthly and in setup costs.

ShippersEdge user interface has been tested to assure usability and ease of use. Get up and running quickly with an intuitive and logical user interface. Enjoy powerful reporting, accessible data and collaboration with other departments. Allow salespeople to get freight estimates from anywhere on any device. Provide tracking information to your customers and your customer service department. Keep track of special delivery requirements your customers have. Never miss a customer specified routing.

We hope you’ll take a demo of our TMS Software Features. Call 952-777-4421 or click the link for a demo.



Logistics Software to Manage Spot Market Bids

Manage Spot Market Bids

ShippersEdge a highly developed Transportation Management System, has an organized way of tracking shipment freight rate quotes on spot market shipments. Traditionally most spot market bids were obtained on the telephone and then morphed to email in the past decade. Now there is a system to organize and record spot market bids into a shipment or bid record and ShippersEdge has it.

Quit using Excel, email and tedious manual methods and automate the gathering of rates for truckload and partial freight shipment, in one place and have fingertip shipping management system complete with historical tracking and activity logging. Obtaining shipping rates with logistics software should be easy, not crazy.

Did you know ShippersEdge is also tracking software. We can track your spot market shipping or any shipping for that matter. There are various methods we use to track your spot market freight and sometimes it is a simple email check call to your broker. Other ways are to tie into the cell phone tracking apps or with a sophisticated broker we can tie into them electronically.

ShippersEdge also makes spot market freight invoice auditing a snap that’s what makes our transportation management solution one of the top rated logistics software products on the market. Since the quoted rate is already in our system and attached to the order, when the freight bill arrives, simply enter the invoice into our system and we’ll compare the billed charge to the quoted charge. If there is a mismatch the invoice will be flagged for further review.

Better yet, ShippersEdge has an imaging routine and have your freight broker, upload his invoices into the system and include his charges. Again, if there is a mismatch, it will warn your broker the invoice amount does not match his quote. Preventing errors before they happen is one way ShippersEdge TMS proves itself every day.

Call or write the affordable transportation management system, ShippersEdge today for a free analysis.

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How the Fuel Surcharge Works

Many shippers mistakenly think the Federal Government sets the Fuel Surcharge the carrier charges you.  This is not true.  While the majority of all carriers use the US Department of Energy’s weekly diesel fuel price survey as part of it’s formula, each carrier sets its own scale.   For example some carriers charge 15% for fuel at $3.50 per gallon while others charge 28%.  It is within each carrier’s right to set its own rate… including Fuel Surcharge.

Almost all LTL carriers calculate a fuel surcharge based upon a percentage of the discounted transportation charge.  Accessorial services such as liftgate delivery aren’t factors.  Rail and intermodal usually do the same.  For over-the-road truckload shipments, most carriers charge on a per miles basis (eg. $3.50 per gallon = $.25 per mile).

ShippersEdge automatically calculates the fuel surcharge based upon each carrier’s FSC scale.  Every Monday night we record the most recent DOE diesel price survey so when you rate your next shipment the FSC will be accurately computed.

We will have more information on the Fuel Surcharge at a future date.

Built In Freight Bill Auditing

Freight Bill Auditing via ShippersEdge TMS Software

How do you know the rate quoted is the rate that is billed? Often times the answer is not easy to find out. It is a tedious and time consuming task until now. The execution when auditing freight charges is the hard part, you either have to check a tariff or consult a spreadsheet or God forbid, search your emails. Some people print out their freight quotes and save them for when the invoice arrives, that’s just silly. Checking spreadsheets, sticky notes, searching file folders and emails is no way to run a railroad. Use a system specifically designed to handle the task.

ShippersEdge TMS automates your sourcing and provides for the auditing of freight charges as an enhanced byproduct. Our TMS was built to have a point and shoot way of getting your freight rates organized and then as the providers bill you it compares the rate you were either quoted or rate sheets with the rate you’re billed.

It works like this; set up your providers in our carrier manager, enter a shipment, select which providers you want to bid on your freight or those who have provided rate tables and our system will store a spot quote or compute the freight charges from a rate table. ShippersEdge will display the quotes so you can compare rates and select a provider. Then as freight invoices arrive, it knows what the charge is supposed to be and flags invoices that are more than they are supposed to be. No more search spreadsheet or your notes or worse, your email, the information is right at your fingertips.

Studies have shown at least a 1-2% error rate in freight invoicing whether intentional or not is very common. When you’re in charge of controlling freight expenses, use tools built for the job. ShippersEdge is highly affordable and highly capable logistics software meant for small and midsized businesses. Call 952-777-4421 for more information.

Selecting a TMS should not be hard

Why selecting a TMS should not be hard

Selecting a TMS should not be hard like it was in the old days. The prices have come way down and the capabilities have increased thanks to modern programming practices and cloud based applications. Integration, once very expensive has come down. What makes selecting a TMS hard is the number of systems on the market and the fear of making a mistake.

Making a mistake is a relative problem as in relative to what? The return on investment in today’s TMS environment is so quick because you don’t buy them, you rent them. In the case where you want customization or integration, you can do it in stages once you’re comfortable in your selection. The setup investment is relatively minor and will likely pay back in a week or two.

Time spent by the end user in evaluating and then communicating the minimal information needed to get your TMS up and operational in almost every case will be returned on a daily basis in the form of time saving. Yes, you may spend a few hours but you get them back every day see this article, how a TMS saves time.  

Many people choose not to integrate right away but some want integration immediately usually for some management data point they want in other company software. I encourage beginning with no integration and pursuing a new piece of integration maybe every six months to add capability and save time collaborating with other departments.

Procrastination is a thief in time and every day delayed is lost value for the want of applying management talent where clerical talent is only needed. The world is moving towards automation every single day. Automation is a tidal wave in a sea of change. The problem is, if we don’t automate, we lose to those that do.

TMS Software Saves Time

ShippersEdge TMS Software saves time.

It is accepted that technology is driving industry to new levels of efficiency. The days of managing shipments, without shipping software are headed for the trash bins of history. Since the Internet now makes access to shared resources available to companies large and small gaining access to a cloud based TMS is inexpensive and easy.

ShippersEdge TMS software has many ways to say time, here are some examples:

Freight rating engines give you the ability to check all of your provider’s rates, in one place with one login. In ShippersEdge TMS, we can handle the simple and complex rating scenarios. Pallet rates as an example are generally not available using Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] or Application Programming Interface [API] connections to carrier’s servers. ShippersEdge can use rate tables for this purpose and compare those sheet rates with your regular discounted rates.

On truckload spot market rates, ShippersEdge has an ingenious method of gathering and then letting you compare quotes from your providers and will simultaneously compare any table or contract rates you have. Additionally, all of these rates are stored in the system for later analysis or auditing.

Tendering, be it LTL or Truckload can be done electronically through the use of EDI, API or email generated within our system. These tenders are monitored for acceptance* and you are notified if any tender is declined. Our Enterprise Edition can execute Waterfall tendering also known as sequential tenders using business rules specific to your company. *Monitoring tenders is important so you don’t have missed pickups or clog up your shipping facility.

Receiver tracking notification, this is a wow feature in ShippersEdge. If selected, upon shipment your customers can receive an email with a tracking link similar to what you get when you buy on Amazon. ShippersEdge retrieves tracking information daily from your providers so your customers always have the latest information. This will save phone calls or emails from you or your customer service reps.

Rate quote generator. If requested, we can create *profiles for your customer service or sales department to provide rate quotes with or without markup. The time savings here is enormous. No more answering rate questions and transit time questions. The information is now a click away thanks to ShippersEdge’s powerful rating engine.

*Special profiles. ShippersEdge can create profiles of a special user interface to create specific views for your employees or constituents. By limiting the data, a specific user can view you limit error and streamline that users experience. No doubt you probably don’t want customer service to hit a button and tender a shipment by mistake when all they wanted was a rate quote.

Advanced reporting. Getting your hands on analytical data is easy with our report generator. Simply select the search criteria and which fields to export, it’s that easy.

Freight accruals. ShippersEdge through its auditing function, can provide accurate freight accruals for your accounting department. It’s so simple, accounting can do it themselves.

Freight bill auditing. Since ShippersEdge stores your freight quotes, it can easily compare actual billed charges to the quoted freight charges. In fact, ShippersEdge is constantly monitoring your shipments and will know almost in real-time if a freight charges changes. This gives you an opportunity to investigate the change before its billed and pre approve it to streamline your auditing process.

Paperless billing. ShippersEdge can retrieve freight invoices and other documentation from your providers whether they have EDI or API connectivity or not. We offer the ability for your providers that are not electronically advanced to simply upload images and key in charges to make your company paperless. Join the green revolution and go paperless. Anyone with the proper credentials can log in and retrieve any document using a number of search criteria including your control number.

Address book. ShippersEdge has a rich address book to keep track of shipping and receiving locations and their specific needs and contact information. For instance, if you enter an order to a facility that requires a Liftgate, that information can be stored and then populated into the service request and rate quote. That is just one example but the capability beats either making a mistake or having to manually consult spreadsheets.

Carrier manager. Our sophisticated carrier manager allows you to keep track of things like insurance, contracts if you have them and all level of contact of carrier specific information. We can interface to common carrier monitoring applications. This is also where, in the case of table rates, we store the rate information. We will even notify you if a contract is expiring.

Well organized desktop. ShippersEdge took time to build its user interface. A user interface can make or break a system. Our clients tell us everything is laid our intuitively and “makes sense” this makes training easy and speeds workflow.

Customization is available. In our Enterprise Edition, we can create custom features specifically for your company. The possibilities are endless. A for instance could be inventory management for shipment handling units, such as pallets or carts.

What is your time worth; what is your people’s time worth? Let’s face it, freight is a specialty and talent is hard to find. We tend to devalue something we find easy to do. We only find it easy to do because we have developed a skill-set appropriate to the task. Interview 100 people on the street about how to ship three pallets of parts to Toronto and only a handful will even know what a pallet is.

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Shippers should be trying to lock in rates

Shippers should be trying to lock in rates this summer before the impact of ELDs tightens capacity.

According to a recent article in Transport Topics, US truckload carriers have too much capacity and as a result are facing a weak pricing environment. Many large fleets have idle capacity waiting for an improvement in the economy. It may be a while. Considering roughly 25% of all trucking is for retail consumers, Amazon itself is biting into trucking profits.

Surprisingly, driver turnover is down to 71% which is the lowest level in 6 years. Is 71% turnover a good number, in trucking it is. Imagine if 71% of your company workers up and left every year. This turnover rate, while high is comparing to over 100% turnover just a few years ago. You can expect turnover to rise due to Electronic Logging Devices [ELD] scheduled to be mandated by the end of the year.

Likewise, ELDs will have the net effect of decreasing capacity due to driver’s inability to skirt hours of service regulations once those ELDs are installed throughout the fleets. If that prediction comes through, truckers should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to pricing. In another angle to ELDs, shippers and receivers who delay drivers at their facilities could see their rates rise or have detention penalties. Intermediate length hauls may see a marked increase in rates due to the inefficient way the driver’s time is used.

Third Party providers such as brokers use the spot market to move shipments. The spot market has been paying better than the contract market for many truckers. That trend should continue but will also be adversely affected as ELDs are installed. Freight brokers traditionally use smaller carriers to move their shipments, arguably small carriers are the backbone of modern brokering. Once ELDs are in the trucks of smaller carriers, that pinch in miles run will take its toll on brokers.




Will Tighten Truckload Capacity

Roadcheck inspection blitz coming in early June will tighten truckload capacity
From Overdrive Magazine

CVSA’s annual Roadcheck inspection spree is one month away.
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual International Roadcheck inspection spree will be held in one month, June 6-8, across North America.

CVSA plans the 72-hour event each summer to “conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives.”

As previously reported, cargo securement will be the main point of emphasis for inspectors this year. While this is a normal part of CVSA’s Level I inspections, the organization says its inspectors will be highlighting cargo securement as a reminder to drivers and fleets of its importance.

Violations related to load securement include failure to prevent shifting and/or loss of load; failure to secure truck equipment; damaged tie-downs; insufficient tie-downs; and loose …

To help prevent violations related to load securement during the inspection spree, CVSA says to make sure the load and all equipment is properly secured, and to inspect tie-downs to check for wear and damage.

Violations related to cargo securement include failure to prevent shifting/loss of cargo, failure to secure truck equipment, damaged tie-downs, insufficient tie-downs and loose tie-downs. The group has put together tips and a flyer for cargo securement in advance of the spree.

CVSA says an average of 15 trucks and buses are inspected every minute across North America during the 72-hour event. During 2016’s inspection spree, inspectors placed 21.5 percent of trucks inspected out of service, along with 3.4 percent of drivers, or 9,080 trucks and 1,436 drivers.