ShippersEdge Development Meeting

At least once a week at ShippersEdge is an all staff meeting to discuss product development and customer specific customization. The first portion of the meeting is to review the past week’s accomplishments and challenges. ShippersEdge Enterprise Edition TMS is a highly customizable logistics management system. Our customers are unique and have client specific requirements suitable to their business models.

At ShippersEdge, we believe our clients should have what they want. The second portion of the meeting is new client requests for customization and with everyone in attendance these requests are discussed and addresses. With the help of our clients, prioritization is addressed as well as the possible need for further client discussion to crystalize the scoping of the project. Resources are then allocated and deadlines set.

The fun part in the marketing section of the meeting is new product development. Here is where we plan for the future to add features some clients don’t even know they need yet. By marketing attending the product development and customization requests, commonality of customization requests is assimilated and addressed as possible system-wide implementation to offer even more features to the universe of all of our clients.

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Freight invoices uploaded and stored

Think of ShippersEdge as your safe, electronic filing cabinet. Most brokers and small carriers will even upload the documents themselves and ShippersEdge can be set to ask them to do so. With most LTL carriers, ShippersEdge can retrieve stored freight invoices electronically through their web services. Let’s face it, paper invoices are so yesterday. Saving paper is the way of the future. ShippersEdge can help you compare quoted rates with actual charges to make sure they match and output freight accrual information to your accounting department for accurate payment and accurate monthly closes.

ShippersEdge is far more than an affordable shipment management solution, it is the wave of the future for transportation management software. Managing your shipping costs should not be a laborious manual task. Using multi-carrier transportation management software will streamline your processes, assure lowest cost carrier selection and save time.

Studies have shown transportation management software can reduce freight costs by 8%-20% and add accountability and reporting capability. Call or write ShippersEdge today. More information at

Know Least Cost Routing

We can do that. ShippersEdge, the original web based now cloud hosted Software as a Service [SaaS] Transportation Management System can keep track of the difference between using lowest cost provider and actual freight carrier selected. By logging information, we can report the difference.

State of the art, shipping management software has been proven to save 8-20% on your freight spend due to always knowing your least cost provider. There may be reasons why you wouldn’t, transit time selection is just one of the many reasons, dock space for a spotted trailer could be another. ShippersEdge can enable a feature that identifies a reason for deviating from least cost routing. We can report back to you what the net effect of each reason is.

Does your TMS identify your shipping rates and store variance from deviating and not using the least cost routing? It should. If not, you should be talking to ShippersEdge. We get it. More information at

When to source a volume rates on LTL shipments

Volume rates on LTL shipments are available through several sources. They are available directly through trucking companies, through brokers and do-it-yourself (more on that later).

The key is to set a threshold using mileage and gross dollars to set a trigger for your using your TMS to start making you money. One threshold might be when an LTL shipment exceeds $1.00 per mile. Assuming you are in a position to wait for a quote and possibly a day or so for a pickup (in the case of using a broker) you could see big savings.

Volume rates sometimes are referred to as “header rates” because they are often placed in the nose of the trailer. ShippersEdge TMS is freight planning software. Good shipping management systems will alert you to the possibility you should be looking for a volume rate, great logistics software will do it for you.

It’s all about the business rules. You make the rules so you decide. More information at

Fred Smith of FedEx wants 33 foot doubles

FedEx thinks they have a chance of getting twin 33 foot trailers approved un President trump. Twin 33’s have been tested in Florida where drivers say they are more stable. Generally speaking Less-than-Truckload [LTL] shipping uses floor space for pallets and shipments have gotten bulkier. The floor space increases by 18% vs. the currently used twin 28 foot trucks. Productivity and less trucks on the road are the main arguments made by those in favor of twin 33’s.

Naturally there are opponents to the increase in overall trailer length. The Truckload Carriers Association voiced its disapproval saying twin 33’s would give the LTL carriers too much of an advantage. They also pointed out that rail carriers are now equipped to accommodate the 28 foot variant and would have to retool to handle 33 footers. This they said would have the net effect of actually adding trucks to the highways.

If these changes are adopted and LTL carriers gain efficiency, expect to see more rigorous competition in at least medium haul lanes.

ShippersEdge route optimization

ShippersEdge route optimization

Whether you are contracting carriers or using your own private fleet for multi-stop distribution, you need route optimization. ShippersEdge now has the capability of optimizing routes, creating manifests and cost allocation. This exciting capability can take hours of laborious planning away from manual systems and Excel spreadsheets and turn it into minutes per consolidation.

Route visualization, including mapping is included along with visual rearrangement of stops with drag and drop capability. This is what you expect in Transportation Management Systems that costs well more than ShippersEdge shipment management software. We are the affordable TMS.

We offer full integration, partial integration or manual data entry using a stored address book. We are already integrated with all LTL carriers for rate, transit time and tracking. We also offer integrations and communication solutions for small carriers and brokers.

As always, ShippersEdge can also manage your Truckload (contract and spot market) and Less-Than-Truckload [LTL] shipping with multi-carrier automatic rating. ShippersEdge is the shipping management and logistics software that can grow with you.

LTL earnings reports for 2016 were at lower levels than the year before

YRC reported a $7.5 million net loss in the fourth quarter, or 23 cents a share, better than the $23.5 million loss, or 73 cents, in the last three months of 2015. Revenue was up 0.5% to $1.15 billion. “The impact of the economy and freight environment resulted in shipments being down on a year-over-year basis at YRC Freight and their regional carriers,” CEO James Welch said in a conference call. “With industrial shipments comprising approximately 50% to 60% of our revenue, we would have, obviously, liked to have seen growth in this part of the economy,”. At YRC Freight division, revenue dropped 0.5% to $730.3 in the quarter but rose 2.2% to $418 million in their Regional Transportation segment.

Old Dominion reported $68.5 million in profits, or 83 cents, down 5.1% versus the fourth quarter of 2015. Revenue rose 1.5% to $745.7 million. “The overall fourth-quarter operating environment was similar to what we experienced through 2016. We had a slow start to the quarter, but our revenue and tonnage marginally improved on a year-over-year basis, as the quarter progressed,” according to Old Dominion Vice Chairman and CEO David Congdon. “These trends, combined with the increase in LTL weight per shipment and other improving macroeconomic indicators for the fourth quarter, provided us with a sense of cautious optimism for an improved economy in 2017, which also concurs with economic forecasts or improved GDP”.

ArcBest posted net income of $1.58 million, or 6 cents a share, on revenue of $688.2 million. In the last three months of 2015, they earned $4.99 million, or 19 cents, on revenue of $648.1 million saying “we experienced higher average daily revenue resulting from increased revenue per hundredweight, positively impacted by freight profile changes”. “In the midst of a competitive but rational industry yield environment, our asset-based pricing remained disciplined”.

Saia’s net income dropped 9.1% to $10.3 million, or 40 cents, in the quarter. Last year, the company earned $11.4 million, or 45 cents. Revenue increased 4.4% to $300.2 million “depreciation and amortization expense was up 17.2% in the fourth quarter, a reflection of the significant investments we are making in our fleet, real estate and information technology,” according to Saia CEO Rick O’Dell.

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Affordable TMS new Professional Edition

Today, ShippersEdge a pioneer in web-based Shipping Management Software announced a new more affordable TMS with a new version specifically catering to smaller manufacturers and distributors. Shipment Management Software also known as Transportation Management Software or TMS for short is the next big thing for operational efficiency in logistics and transportation management.

ShippersEdge Professional offers less-than-truckload [LTL] rating, LTL rate comparison tendering (electronic request for pickup), shipment tracking and freight charge monitoring through direct contact with motor carrier servers. The professional edition will also compare truckload rates. Our logistics management software takes the pain out of manually sourcing freight rates through carrier websites because it will retrieve freight rates and present them all on one screen. This makes freight planning painless and quick.

A shipping management system is now more than just LTL rating software; it should do more than that and our does. Pricing plans starting at $199.00 per month with unlimited users.

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Software replace third party logistics provider

If you’re struggling with how to replace third party logistics provider [3PL] see what we have to say about it below.

If you presently engage an outside firm to manage your transportation, consider for a moment why. When you signed up, they had software; expensive shipping management software. If it was long ago, they may have had rates that were better than yours. Things have changed.

Today a TMS is highly affordable as is the integration to your back-office systems. Small, stand-alone Transportation Management Systems can be had for but a few hundred dollars a month and our Enterprise versions start at about $500.00 a month and goes up from there depending on shipment counts.

As far as rates, carriers have moved away from blanket discounts and into shipper specific pricing. You may not have noticed the change but your 3PL now knows you can take your rates with you. Consider the pricing above against a typical 7% and sometimes up to 20% is the typical 3PL management fee and you do the math and then contact us.

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