FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If I integrate is data flow problematic?

Frankly data flow is one of the easier issues to navigate in a TMS setup. It will take some time from your IT provider or department but in the end, it is simple field mapping. What we do with the data after that is the more important process.

Do you offer a trial period?

No we do not offer a trial period but we do offer a 6 month out if the system does not meet
your needs.

Is your TMS expensive?

ShippersEdge is the most cost effective transportation management system on the market. We are a mid-tier TMS (sometimes referred to as a tier-two TMS) in that we don’t try to be all things to all people. We provide enough horsepower to get the job done.

How long does it take to install a TMS?

Generally 8-12 weeks for simple installations, longer on more far ranging installations. We generally recommend a phased installation.

We have a TMS now but it lacks the enhanced functionality we need; can we use our old data structure with your TMS?

Yes, if all of the data needed to provide the enhanced functionality you’re looking for is present in the data feed.

Can you integrate with our freight payment company?

Yes, if you like. ShippersEdge has the same auditing routines your freight payment company uses. Most companies replace their freight payment companies when they install ShippersEdge.

What modes does ShippersEdge support?

ShippersEdge supports rail, motor, LTL & truckload, pool distribution, parcel rating, tracking and modal selection, bulk, ocean tendering, rating, and tracking as well as documentation. It also supports air shipment tracking. Electronic invoicing and paperless document storage and retrieval.

Can ShippersEdge consolidate multiple orders to the same receiver?

Yes, we can.

Does ShippersEdge offer consulting?

Yes. Part of the consulting is included in set up and configuration expenses. Other consulting is offered based on specific needs.

Will we need another server?

No, ShippersEdge is a hosted system based at a tier III data center with a backup data center in a separate location.

Will we need a power user (sometimes referred to as a super user) to operate ShippersEdge?

ShippersEdge is a managed system, meaning you will not need a power user. If you need a task completed that you’re unsure how to accomplish, simply call our help desk and have them show you how to do it or do it for you.

Does ShippersEdge integrate with tracking solutions?

ShippersEdge can integrate with any tracking solution that has the capacity to do so including 3 rd party applications like Four kites and Macropoint. Recently Internet Truckstop added a very low cost (presently $199 for unlimited) tracking which we are integrating with. We then apply advanced logic in out tracking module to alert you to potential problems.

Does ShippersEdge offer advanced alerting based on business rules?

Yes, ShippersEdge can develop custom solutions to any alerting needed.

Does ShippersEdge offer Lane Intelligence?

We are integrating Internet Truckstop Rate-Mate into ShippersEdge to give you advanced knowledge of spot market pricing.

Retail Delivery Advanced Manangement

Big box retailers and Amazon have steep penalties for being late (or early). We have an advanced retail delivery logic available to help you control these chargebacks. We also provide visibility to improve your management.

Do you offer Dock Scheduling?

ShippersEdge now has dock scheduling available. You can manage it or direct the carriers to a portal to manage available appointment times.